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The Advantage of Buying a Google Domain

The Advantage of Buying a Google Domain

Launched in the USA in 2014, the Google Domains service is internationalizing now. It is now possible to acquire a domain name from this giant web which offers 225 extensions. But some very important first level domains are missing. The company, which originally only offered a simple search engine, certainly very refined and devilishly efficient, has considerably diversified its activities over the years, so that establishing an exhaustive list of services and products it offers today would be a very tedious job.

The Mountain View company even sells domain names. Admittedly, this is not strictly speaking a novelty, since the group embarked on this business in 2014. However, this activity was until now confined to American territory. Four years later, Google Domains, if it is still indicated “in beta”, is now available in most countries.

The company announced Wednesday, February 28, the extension of this program to 14 new countries, located in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Its domain name registrar (the list of supported extensions is given in the service's assistance) can therefore be used to buy addresses ending with ".com", ".net or ".org".

How does Google Domains work?

Once you have filled in your search field, Google Domains will suggest a domain name to you. To find out if the domain name is available, it appears in the form of a green face doubled with a smile. Conversely, for names that are not available, you have a gray face that appears.

The available domain names are accompanied by their year-round prices. If it suits you, a button allows you to reserve it. Premium domain names are available for purchase, the sum of which can reach more than a thousand dollars.

Please note, the prices vary greatly depending on what you choose. Count 12 dollars per year for a very generic top level domain, like those mentioned above. If you want something more original, prices can quickly go up: the most expensive rate we've seen is ".movie". Count 302 dollars a year. And the cheapest? ".Pw": it only costs 9 dollars per year.

225 top-level domains are currently offered. It should be noted that Google manages certain domains itself, such as ".google", but their use is reserved. It should indeed be remembered that the company has filled no less than 101 forms to try to administer domains like ".youtube", ".docs" and even ".lol", due to the liberalization of this sector launched in 2012.

Google says its office has processed more than 1.8 million domain name registrations. For details on this offer, go to the official Google Domains website and consult support.

Domain Name Options

Its more than 1.8 million domain registrations now range from traditional extensions, well known as. com ,. org, and .net to many newly released endings, including .Business, .Online and .Design. And when it was launched, Google Domains was available mainly in the United States.

But, as of today, Google Domains allows you to purchase domain names in 14 countries, in addition to the United States, including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

One Click Integration With G-Suite

Google Domains recently announced one-click integration with G Suite, allowing businesses to quickly create branded work email addresses and simultaneously access G Suite's range of smart productivity tools like Docs, Calendar, Google Drive and Hangouts. The benefits also include 30 GB of file storage and 24/7 customer support.

Google Domains has also introduced simpler domain name management settings, allowing access to be shared among multiple authorized users.

Improved Privacy & Security

Google Domains offers WHO IS confidentiality (usually chargeable) as a free option by default for new domain name registrations. This will help protect businesses from spam and other forms of abuse because personal information is not publicly available.

In addition, Google Domains has invested in the creation of advanced security features that are easy and accessible to small businesses. For example, all domain registrations are configured with Cloud DNS by default, ensuring that the domain name is quickly accessible by users anywhere in the world.

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security extensions) is another feature that protects domains from attacks that target users or personal information, and can be activated for free with a single click.

In the future, Google plans to deploy new, faster search features and integrate them with other Google products (presumably Google AdSense) to facilitate access to Google services (Blogger, Website, for example) that you know.

How To Buy Domain at Google

1. Choose a domain name here!

Your domain name says a lot about your business, and new extensions like .guru and .photography can help you stand out on the web. In Google Domains, the annual domain registration price is determined by the top-level domain (TLD), such as ".com", ".org" or ".company".

The domains with extensions in .com or .net or .org cost 12 dollars per year. You are able to consult the price list of the domains here.

The features offered at no additional cost are:
  1. Who is privacy
  2. Redirecting domains and subdomains
  3. Email forwarding (email address alias forwarding @)
  4. Google name servers with 10 million DNS resolutions per year
  5. Assistance via the help center, by e-mail, by chat or by phone 24/7

2. Create a site: No

You don not know how to code to design a successful website. Google recommends turning to services that democratize the creation of websites like Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix.

3. Get a personalized email address

Available as an option, personalized messaging “@yourdomain” is a Google service that includes various professional tools (video conferencing, shared calendars, online storage space, etc).

The advantages of using Google domain.

The offer (whose prices should be around $ 12 per year per domain name, but they are not yet official) can shake the domain specialists when you know the striking force of the company of Mountain View, in particular with regard to the proposed functionalities: On the advantage side and very reasonable prices, Google Domains offers many things:

  1. Private registration at no additional cost
  2. Simple integration with major site builders
  3. G Suite custom messaging
  4. New domain name extensions
  5. Customizable Subdomains - Possibility of creating 100 sub-domains
  6. Fast, secure and reliable Internet infrastructure with Google
  7. Clean interface and great ease of use
  8. Simple domain management tools
  9. Email forwarding
  10. Online support assistance
  11. Possibility of creating 100 email addresses
  12. Anonymous registration features
  13. Domain redirection and migration
  14. Online domain name management tool
  15. Integrated website creation tools with hosting managed by third party companies like Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly or Wix
  16. Possibility to buy new generic extensions (.search, .web)
  17. Etc..

Indeed, Google offers all the features expected to properly manage its domain. Note therefore the complete edition of DNS information to direct it to the right server. If you use platforms such as Wix, Squarespace or Shopify, be aware that they are all supported by Google Domains and that the configuration will be done automatically. For the other sites, it will be necessary to enter IPs like everywhere, even if however the support should prove to be much faster than at another, since you are here directly attached to the DNS servers of the big Google.

In short, another new possibility for Google to "strip" us a little more and get a lot of data about us and our sources of information.